They say loneliness is when you
sit with a group of boisterous friends
in a pub, drinking beer, shooting the crap,
the conversation encircling you like flies
around a piece of meat,
the slurred phrases gambolling
along the surfaces of the
peanut riddled tables,
but not inundating
your being, never getting to the core
and leaving some scintillating spark there
that powers reverie later in life.
They say being alone is a choice –
solace in solitude like the placid
lake untroubled by gusts, ever the
same in its blue grace,
holding the secret of bliss
in its aquamarine fingers.
I’ve never known the difference
between the two. Like a zombie
I wander the corridors of both my
apartment and my mind,
fiendish, spectral,
I would reach out if I could,
form a legion of the undead,
singing our hoarse, atonal melodies
with parched throats,
distorting the contours of our
already misshapen faces,
humbling the proud with our laments,
gathering the broken with
our nauseating stench,
urging those who’ve seen suffering
and identified its root that there’s no
escaping it,
no enlightenment, no
brilliant spheres of light,
forming our little clique of
despondent plebs rivalling
those who get a million likes
on Facebook for a picture of
an ugly tattoo of Kurt Cobain
that probably makes him writhe in his grave,
a sorrowed coterie that drinks
cheap Old Monk laced with Thums Up
(Yes, that’s the correct spelling), that
abhors insipid, vainglorious positivity,
the gaudy masks of fortune,
the whitewashed walls,
the cheery, little
neon aphorisms that are supposed
to brighten your existence,
the whole enchilada.

4 responses to “Zombie”

  1. And there you are, revealing that scintillating spark at your core. Unmistakable. Hello Nitin!


    1. Hey Diana! It’s really nice to see you here. I hope you stick around because I hardly know anybody on WP anymore. Only a few people from my time. I couldn’t write anything for more than a year. The words simply didn’t flow. I also had a hater leaving horrible comments anonymously. So I went off WP, thinking I’d never return and then thought, I’ll give it one last go. The blog is here to stay. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to write as prolifically as I used to.


      1. Hey Nitin, and I’m glad we have reconnected! That inability to write is a quirky phenomenon, I’m glad you are returned and that my app will keep us in touch. For now I have taken to writing letters with a neighbor if you can believe. Still a wonderful thing. Words! Have a super day!


      2. I’m glad we reconnected too! I think writing letters is a beautiful way to express yourself. Reminds me of an epistolary novel I read recently by Ava Dellaira. It’s called love letters to the dead, where the young protagonist writes letters to people like Kurt Cobain and Judy Garland. It’s a Bildungsroman and the plot is revealed through the letters. It’s full of emotion and beautiful. Have a wonderful day!


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