A sonnet of hope

Place me in an age where the skies blush
and epochs of forgiveness scent the air
with their sweet smell making the fields lush
while the lilies dance to answered prayer

Solomon’s perception on the throne
and stilling our forever-warring hearts,
defeating hate and holding back the stone,
announcing halcyon days and fresh starts

The sky and stars eternally transformed
and nature’s long-suffering cry heard,
the crooked minds of men by God’s hand reformed
until all that springs forth is edifying word

Will I find you in that blissful place?
Shedding pain and at last knowing grace?

4 responses to “A sonnet of hope”

  1. This is strangely peaceful and thoughtful and I like it.


    1. Thank you very much Tara


  2. You are a master of form Nitin!


    1. Thank you very much Bruce. I try my best.


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