What if time wasn’t linear,
moving from point to point,
but something you held in
your hands,
helping you see if your
tomorrows stood on a precipice,
about to come crashing down?
Then you’ll only realise what
you already knew but refused to
acknowledge. You’re not free.
Each decision you believe you
made was already made
and every choice melts
into the galaxy, affecting
someone you least expect it to,
the mind’s eye, though vast,
can only see so much,
the celestial hands that move
the pieces on the board
belong to infinity,
some might now opine
in indignation, “Are we mere
pawns? Are we playthings?”
Who knows the workings of
whom we cannot fathom even
if we possessed all the
knowledge in the world?
It would be akin to a mote
trying to comprehend why it’s
suspended in the darkness.

Inspired by the movie, Arrival.

2 responses to “Time”

  1. I had to reconcile a lot of these thoughts within myself at a young age and decide how to proceed with this life. There was a long period of feeling the effect of a devastating life and a depth of ‘what’s the point’ until I could finally work it out. I suppose it’s about moving past the futility of an end result to finding ‘it’ in the process.
    Love the post Nitin


    1. The fact that you got past these thoughts and the awful fatalism that accompanies them is admirable. It’s been eight years and I still struggle with ‘what’s the point.’ I think in the end, like you put it, it’s about finding ‘it’ in process or enjoying the journey even though there’s always this feeling that nothing you do is really worth it because it’s futile in the grand scheme of things in which you’re one among many pawns. I don’t like the term pawns, but how else to describe it. I think in the end even the indignation fades to a resignation or a passive acceptance that says, I can’t change anything. Thank you very much for such a thoughtful comment EC ❤️


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