The rejection letter

Dear Writer,

I’m afraid we have decided to reject your manuscript because it doesn’t feature a strong female protagonist. The narrative was good until Sasha forgave the men who catcalled her. It then spiralled into some psychobabble about redemption and beauty. We are looking for a gruesome story about revenge. You must remember that the year is 2033 and stories about finding ‘salvation’ are unwanted and need purging from the literary canon.

We also found your plot about the throuple stale since it featured two women and a man in a relationship. You must remember that the We Three Movement went viral two months ago with plenty of women complaining about the disadvantages of being in a throuple with another woman and a man. The man gets attention he doesn’t deserve in these relationships. We would have preferred a dominatrix with two submissive male partners.

Finally, your non-binary, post-gender, queer character Albert is a stereotype. The very name Albert makes him a sleazy, suit-wearing, moustached, closeted gay man from the eighties. His sex scenes are full of anal penetration with no ear-play or coprophilia. This only shows us that you’re nothing but a straight, vanilla man living in a world that has long surpassed you.


The Transhuman

8 responses to “The rejection letter”

  1. EXACTLY. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. Thanks for this Nitin. This is one of the many reasons you are my brother. We understand each other.


    1. It is beyond ridiculous at this point. It’s madness. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Tara. I’m glad you could relate.


      1. Madness is the right word.


  2. I just like to say to the rejecting editor: Nice tits.


    1. The year is 2033. They’ll do something worse than cancelling you lol


  3. It’s rare I venture out of my fearful little egg and do anything but “reciprocate-read” but it was amazing to discover your blog today. One of your two most recent poems was so spot on for me and my own feelings. Then this one was suggested under it, and I clicked, as I’d been writing on rejection recently but still too “ick” to post. This (and the recent ones) made me feel less alone. I was like, OMG!! when I started reading the first paragraph. Yes exactly! That is sure how it feels sometimes. Awesome writing.


    1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment. It made my day! I’m so glad that you could relate to my work in such a personal way. It means everything.


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