The Busker’s Rondeau

I’ve played these cobbled streets for many years

pouring into my song blood and tears

I’ve known the vagabond and patient sage –

their lives I’ve scribbled on my crumpled page

although my tune begins when the dust clears

perhaps they’ll think then with soft smiles and cheers

of how my song soothed all their fears

I brought my old guitar and set the stage

on those cobbled streets for many years

I’ve seen the reckless sinner with his peers

I’ve seen the giver with attentive ears

each trying hard to break out of his cage

while I looked on weary-eyed from age to age

playing my mild rhythm while adjusting gears

on those cobbled streets for many years.

3 responses to “The Busker’s Rondeau”

  1. Well done Chanticleer!


    1. I looked that up and found a rooster and a ridiculous looking musical ensemble. I’m hoping you’re referring to the former from the Canterbury Tales and not the latter!


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