I attended your wedding reception  

yesterday. I met everyone,  

John, Savitha, Arjun and Sam,  

the old group, all grown up, 

their lives having taken different  

trajectories from my own.  

I sat in silence, thinking about  

yesteryear when we got drunk,  

listened to good prog-metal  

bands like Symphony X,  

Evergrey and King Crimson,  

shot the shit, played Saints Row 3, 

thinking the graphics were great. 

Both video games and you have come  

a long way, success defining  

every step you take, while I  

cling to a string of nostalgia. 

I’m not bitter, just swallowed by  

the echoes of another time 

when nothing mattered,  

when we didn’t care about where 

we stood, and we sat in that room  

upstairs and watched Boardwalk Empire 

or Treme, or something else HBO  

produced, which is a far cry  

from the woke stuff that’s everywhere  

today. We used pen drives to store  

music, and caught the World Cup Final 

on Television. You upset that  

Iniesta scored the winning goal,  

and I, jubilant. Time has turned all  

that grey, and I guess my silence  

spoke more than words ever could 

as I watched Arjun strut about in a  

three-piece suit,

Savitha intimately chatting with John  

and the pastor encouraging everyone 

with a sermon on the sanctity of 

marriage that went over my head. 

4 responses to “Yesteryear”

  1. Nostalgia can be a double edged sword. Mortifying memories and joyous ones together… I wish sometimes that selective amnesia was easy to induce . This was wonderfully written. A deep personal narrative

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Tanmay 😊 . Yeah the mortifying memories really suck. I get flashbacks every now and then of the bad memories. Sometimes beautiful, bittersweet thoughts come to me. I prefer the latter to the former.

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  2. You phrased this so perfectly…”swallowed by the echoes of another time”. Lived this way for years and could never put it to words. Wonderfully written! 💞💞💞

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    1. Yeah I think any sensitive soul who’s seen a little sorrow goes through that in life. I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you ❤️

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