A life well spent

I tell myself that I need 

to live more, but the 

finitude of what there 

is to do constrains me. 

I often wonder if there 

really is such a thing  

as a life well spent 

or if even those who’ve 

achieved what they set  

out to do are simply  

birds in a cage,  

entranced by their own  

melodies, oblivious to  

the white bars, and thinking  

that the little, artificial  

tree stump they perch  

on is the real thing.  

I want to live more, I say 

and so, I go to a bar,  

sit in a corner, drink,  

watch as people converse,  

different shades of life  

creating new hues,  

the peals of laughter  

making me wonder if  

I’m missing something,  

if I’m standing on the outside  

looking through a window  

at the Christmas decorations 

over the fireplace,  

the viridescent tree,  

the mistletoes and the gifts 

while the snow turns my 

fingertips purple,  

scorches my feet with searing cold,  

but then I wonder if I’m wrong,  

maybe some mask their ennui  

while it settles on others  

like sediment at the bottom  

of a glass of wine.  

7 responses to “A life well spent”

  1. Life well spent… birds in a cage… I think that most people are never satisfied with what they have or achieved. It might be the zeitgeist or just the way we are naturally wired. So, we are definitely birds in a cage, and we might or might not find out if our lives were well spent after we die, but not before.

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    1. Yeah I’m sure that most people aren’t satisfied with what they have. It’s the poets and novelists who express it while the elite suppress it by putting on a show. I agree with you about being birds in a cage. Tragic but true.

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  2. Powerful words, Nitin! I think we are all ‘entranced by our own melodies’ to a point…we sing what resonates with us. That doesn’t mean another tune is bad, just that its not ours. I frequently feel like I’m on the outside looking in…most times I’m ok with that, but other times it really stings. May we sing our song and find others to sing harmony along side us 💞

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    1. You’re always very optimistic Dawn and I like that about you. I loved the last line. May we indeed sing our song and harmonise with the other songs out there! Everything you said is very true. Thank you so much for such an uplifting comment ❤️

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      1. Thank you, Nitin 💞 I try…but too often it’s much easier to say than to do. 💞

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  3. Who knows what actually is “well spent”! Are we all chasing a chimera or have we lulled ourselves into believing that this is it…the best we can achieve. I guess we can measure our life with the moments of joy we have had. Surely those times of happiness amount to something.
    This resonated with me, Nitin. Good to read your words again. I hope you are keeping well.

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    1. Yeah, measuring life with the moments of joy we’ve had is a nice way to approach it. Happiness definitely counts for something and hopefully outweighs the sorrow in the end. Thank you so much for your kind words Punam. I’ve been a little under the weather for some time now, but I’m writing when I can.


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