I guess we fat  

fellows can use the B, C, D 

and T words like how  

black people use the N word. 

So, broad in the beam,  

chubby, dumpy, tubby,  

what’s for dinner? 

I was thinking we’ll have  

pork shoulder. You know 

the one they serve in that  

fancy place, I forget the name. 

Yes, yes, the mushy stuff  

with lots of fat and grease. 

Man, we look like bears,  

but it’s okay. What about  

diabetes and cholesterol,  

you say? Bah, who cares? 

I’m beyond caring these days. 

I’ve embraced lard-arsedness,  

to eat or not to eat,  

that is the question,  

it is better to have eaten and gained 

than to have not eaten at all,  

if I should eat, think 

only this of me,  

ham, ham, everywhere, not  

a morsel of beef,  

seasons of turkeys and  

everything else,  

I sat lonely like an 

untouched dumpling.  

I could go on. Wait, you  

don’t want pork shoulder?  

What do you want then? 

You’re dieting? 

*Spits out coke* 



But what about that European  

sauce they serve with it? 

I thought you loved that! 

Sheesh, I guess I’ll eat the  

pork shoulder alone then.  

This poem is for entertainment only. I’m not fat shaming anybody. I’m fat myself and really want to reduce weight. My conversations in real life inspired a lot of this. It’s silly, but maybe I’ll read it again later, and decide to take this whole weight loss thing seriously.

5 responses to “Chubby”

  1. Lol. This isn’t fat shaming, I think. More like the dangers of over eating.

    Don’t begin with dieting. You should start with walking a few kilometers a day. It doesn’t help that traffic in the city is usually so bad, and footpaths almost non existent, but it can be done. Or buy a skipping rope. I’ve found that this is good cardio too. It’s hard to find a decent swimming pool anywhere, sadly.

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    1. Yeah I agree. I used to implement this plan where I went off psych meds and fasted for three weeks (eat one meal a day, etc). I’d lose weight, but by the end of the three weeks, I’d lose my mind. Nowadays I can’t go without the meds for even a day. The traffic is horrible, and so, I walk around my apartment complex sometimes. I’m a member of a club near my place and I actually went swimming for a few days, before that abyss occurred and I had to have surgery. It feels like some force pushes me down each time I try to do something productive.

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  2. Round is a shape…so that means I’m in shape, right? 😉

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    1. That’s definitely one way of looking at it! Yeah I think I can get obsessed with this losing weight thing sometimes and that’s unhealthy.

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      1. I’ve struggled with it my whole life…I’ve found the more down on myself I am about it, the harder it is to take it off.

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