Everybody worships something  

or someone, and you are what  

you worship. I’m not preaching  

though it might sound like it,  

I’m just stating what I’ve observed 

over the years, mostly in myself, 

and what’s strange is that I hate 

this truth because it points  

me to the darker,  

colder places within,  

areas best left unexplored,  

spaces that confine  

though they seem vast.  

When I look in the mirror at  

my haggard, jaded self, I wonder 

if I worship my pain,  

whether I’m in love with the  

very pus-filled,

emotional sores that  

give me so much anguish.  

Often, we end up worshiping  

someone else, love crossing  

into a darker realm of obsession  

where daggers glint and smiles 

hide malice, but what’s more terrifying  

is when we end up worshipping an  

idea of someone. Thousands throng  

the church, but many believe  

in only what they want to believe,

a god in their minds who

is a spiritual manifestation

of themselves with their wants

and desires.  

You love her because you see her 

as someone she isn’t. You admire  

X from afar, thinking he’s got his 

life mapped out because he has  

Y, but it’s only a fabrication  

of the mind, a simulacrum,  

a representation, lilies on a  

canvas emanating the stench of 

acrylic that you think is nature’s 

first breath after the rain.

5 responses to “Worship”

  1. ‘You are what you worship. ‘ This poem struck me from the get go. Very powerful and thought provoking .
    Definitions are not always permanent. A person might change what he worships as he understands ‘it’ and himself more… for better or worse. But I think it is usually for the better. Age often gives everything clearer perspective.

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    1. Thank you very much Tanmay. If you haven’t watched David Foster Wallace’s speech, I suggest you do. This poem was partially inspired by that speech. For me personally, I’m often scared to find out what I worship if it isn’t God. So, I avoid the topic altogether. May not be a good thing in the long run.

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      1. I have watched it, and just rewatched it. That is one excellent speech, and very helpful for navigating life. It is sad what happened to him.


  2. Wow, some hard hitting truths in this, Nitin! Never considered it this way, “if I worship my pain”. Thank you for the eye-opening reflection! 💞💞💞

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment Dawn ❤️ I’m glad it spoke to you.

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