The empathetic stalker

Look, I completely understand  

what you’re going through.  

I’d be scared too if I caught a 

bearded, haggard man skulking  

about in the shadows, with a  

maniacal, lopsided grin plastered  

on his face. I’d be terrified if he  

took pictures of me on his phone  

and then had them framed in a  

shrine he built with wall hangings 

of my FB statuses, tweets and  

instapoetry. But you need to stay  

strong. Remember, life isn’t a  

pot-pourri of feel-good books,  

or a fragrant orchard where  

the oranges and browns  

take away the weltschmerz  

and imbue one with a feeling  

of accomplishment.  

So, endure, grit your teeth,  

and remember that I’ll always be 

watching you.  

15 responses to “The empathetic stalker”

  1. 😂So that’s who it was… you should make this guy a recurring character in your poems. Like Jethro Tull’s Aqualung.

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    1. Maybe in my prose pieces, he’ll return now and then. I don’t think I can do what you did with your blog. Creating a character or characters who recur, and spinning so many poems around them to form a grand narrative. I haven’t heard any Jethro Tull. At least not properly. What’s Aqualung about? And I’m guessing they make concept albums like Coheed and Cambria, although I’m not sure if that’s a good comparison.

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      1. Aqualung is lonely and hates school girls for some reason. It was just the general vibe of the character that made me think of Aqualung. They are very different, now that I think carefully.

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      2. Sounds like a weird self-hating version of Kafka meeting Bukowski. I should check it out. When I first listened to Jethro Tull, I was in my rock phase. I loved guitar solos and so the whole flute thing I didn’t get. But I might see things differently now.

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      3. Their lyrics are interesting.

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  2. Wow…stalkers are people too, I guess. I still don’t know how to process this! LOL

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    1. 😂 This was me just having fun. I think the problem with stalkers or someone who stalks for a time is a lack of empathy. Having said that, I believe we’re all twisted in some way or another, and no one’s beyond the point of redemption.

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      1. Most have a chance, but I wouldn’t say all. There are some real ‘evil people’ out there!

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      2. True. But I think it takes either God or some personal tragedy for the worst of us to rethink our lives. Maybe I believe in people and don’t want to give up on anyone lol. Jean Valjean and Jamie Lannister come to mind. The latter especially was a true scumbag who changed for the better. I know I’m giving you examples from fiction, but it could happen in real life.

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  3. Obsessive much? Stalker had best know the target, and make sure their actions stay far enough away from the target….don’t forget that scared dogs bite 😉 💞

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    1. Lol this is just me writing from weird points of view 😅 I sometimes make up shady characters and write from their perspective. It’s a break from expressing myself all the time. As far as stalkers are concerned I’ve had terrible experiences on WP because of them. Some went around mailing crap to people, and posting anonymous horrible messages underneath my posts. All that made me want to quit writing at one time. I still go private now and then because I’m a little scared of this platform.

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      1. That sounds horrible, Nitin, sorry you went through that! Interesting the characters our minds can create, isn’t it?

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      2. It’s okay. I’m trying to put it behind me. True, our minds do create interesting characters. It’s fun though. I like writing from a POV that is different from mine. Helps separate me from my art, methinks.

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    1. Thank you Vanessa 😅

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