I wonder if we’ve secretly

sent spacecrafts to alien

planets and if they have

their own prehistoric

Bob Lazar, a guy claiming

that we are not gods, but

simply an advanced civilisation

from a planet that doesn’t revolve

around 2 suns and has 5 moons.

Maybe he’s trying to reverse

engineer an iPad, and they

make sure he’s punished

because he’s not conforming

to what their society wants.

They want worship and grandeur

and stars from heaven to bless

them, and he wants to expose

everything. He writes, but they

accuse him of doing something

strange, akin to abolished practises,

and so he draws, and they claim

he’s engaging in alien trafficking.

Finally, he steals the iPad, the

gift of the gods, and enraged, they

stone him, or bite him and suck

on his fluids (the alien equivalent

of being flayed alive). Meanwhile,

we wonder if our own Lazar was

telling the truth. It was some truth,

but did they really destroy his credibility

to make him look like a joke?

Maybe another more advanced

race with antimatter technology

and little grey men will open a portal

which will allow the two Lazars to

interact in post-virtual space,

sharing their sorrows and hugging

it out, or perhaps there are no

sports model spacecrafts here or

iPads there, and both Lazars are

deluded, or maybe there is no

there, and that Lazar is a fabrication

of this Lazar’s mind who really is

nothing but a fame-seeking criminal.

3 responses to “Conspiracies”

  1. Bravo! I really liked this. Lazar, in his many forms, would make an interesting psychological study.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 Have you watched the Lazar interview? He even passed a lie detector test, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t watched it. I will for sure now.

        Liked by 1 person

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