AXO is playing The War of Gods 7 on its new Neo-Generation Z series, and I watch, cheering it from the sky. It’s a bizarre feeling, floating in the air, and watching the swords clash and the spells deflect off shields from a bird’s-eye-view. I’m a part of the game, and yet not really in it. AXO is geared up, wearing its mage armour and gold talisman. Apparently, the talisman protects it from frost and fire damage, but cannot negate psychic power. The last time after a session, the damage done to AXO affected it outside the game in the cyberspace we share. It prattled on about a large, green iris watching everything. I don’t know what that was about. I could never play TWOG7. I prefer neo-postmodern games where I can shift from being a reliable protagonist to an unreliable one, creating my narrative using figments from other games. TWOG7 is too linear. It’s cosplaying in the cyberspace, that’s all. One of the AIs makes great futuristic games, so meta in the sense that they simulate us dreaming of a cyber future while living on a space colony before the apocalypse and the Transfer. I wonder what life was like before we gained virtual immortality in those space colonies. The archives tell gravity tethered us to the ground, and we had diseases. Some conspiracy theorists insist that we’re still on those space colonies and this reality isn’t really the Transfer but a simulation of it. They cite an ancient resource called ‘The Matrix’ to support their claims. I think that’s nonsense. Aren’t we free entities, no longer tied together by culture, pronouns, class or physical bodies? This is the present, and the future, with the invention of virtual reproduction and cyber clones seems promising.

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  1. Our culture seems to be heading just there. There is so much escapism everywhere, that many people don’t want to live in the real world, me included. We need to find the magic in living for real.

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    1. Yeah very true. I think the virtual world is merging with real world even though we’re not yet in a dystopia. I often want to live for real myself, but one, it’s too painful, and two, i haven’t figured a lot of shit out. I wouldn’t even know what to do. I guess in the end, balance is key.

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