An anime character gains awareness

Makamo-san, do you ever feel like none of this is real? We seem to be on an endless quest for power, fighting off the Koji and the Gakaru, going through saga after saga of violence, death and rebirth. I think there’s someone sinister beyond the ends of this world who decides what we do with our lives. Just yesterday, you were the honourable Swordsman of Roku and today you’re a drunk lecher whistling at pink-haired, teenage girls. There is something odd here, but what’s terrifying is that we can do nothing about it. This sinister force, far eviler than the demon-god Gachusi, plays dice with our lives. Look at us! We don’t even look real! I believe there is so much more to life than bizarre hairstyles and stern expressions while we fight. These power levels seem ludicrous too. I have to strain like I’m constipated each time I reach level four, only to lose all my strength in three minutes. There is something strange here, Makamo-san, I’m telling you. Otherwise, how could some stranger we’ve never seen before come out of nowhere, defeat you, and then steal your blade yesterday, causing you to spiral into depression? And time doesn’t flow rightly in this world too. Yesterday you were young and muscular, and today you’re old and full of farts. I think the force that created this world has some serious issues.

2 responses to “An anime character gains awareness”

  1. Excellent breaking of the fourth wall here. Have you heard of Gintama? It’s a stupid anime comedy, but they do this a lot… Going on strike, fighting with the author, etc.

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    1. Lol after watching what you sent me today, I think must watch the going on strike episode. That’ll be super funny 😄 Thanks for the comment Tanmay.

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