From the heart of the friendzone

All day long, we cry for freedom,  

for the cupid to strike their 

hearts and make them finally see 

that we’re worth more than those 

muscular bad boys they fall for,  

just brawn with no substance 

who splinter their poor hearts,  

making them rush to us,  

and spill their woes like vomit,  

which we endure

while comforting them,  

simping and lying on the floor  

like a threadbare carpet

to be walked on.  

Some of us have it worse,

we’re demoted 

to brotherzones with

no chance of sparks  

forming at all.

Even so, we grit our teeth,  

offer a shoulder to cry on,

a stomach to punch,

and then breathless and wheezing 

weep oceans of anguish.

Why must love be so hard?

Why must fate be so cruel? 

The roses we give elicit an ‘aww’ or 

a ‘you’re so sweet,’ and nothing more. 

They’ve even asked

some of us to touch 

their titties

and platonically tell them

if they’ve grown bigger.

And we suppress  

arousal, and with a smile and a whiny

voice please them. It’s hard not to  

fall into incelhood, to open up 

4chan or some sleazy site and write 

a misogynistic rant about

bitches and whores,  

but maybe one day they’ll see that  

we care and we’re here,  

their knights in shining armour,  

their Prince Charmings standing  

right in front of them.

16 responses to “From the heart of the friendzone”

  1. Lol! Wtf!
    ‘They’ve even asked
    some of us to touch
    their titties
    and platonically tell them
    if they’ve grown bigger.’

    I am not sure what I’d do under these circumstances. I think I’d platonically tell them to fuck off, and then reevaluate my feelings.

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    1. Lol 😂. Platonically telling someone like that to eff off seems justified. It’s a two edged sword really, the simping and the taking advantage of someone’s feelings bit. I think the guys need to stop doing extreme things, and the girls need to keep their distance if they’re not interested.

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      1. I was thinking that the girls here either knew better and were torturing the simp, or that they were super dumb. Both of these are a huge turn off.

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      2. I think they’re dumb, but have enough awareness to know they’re torturing the simp. They need a dumping bag in the end. Some friend who’ll endure humiliation and worship them. It’s all so superficial.

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  2. Gotta stop simping, man.

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    1. Very true lol. On a serious note, I don’t simp lol. I always maintain a little distance if I’m attracted to someone and am just friends with them. If they show signs that they’re attracted to me as well, I make a move (or wait for them to). These days, I’m hardly looking for relationships. Too much drama lol

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      1. It sounds like it, from what we watch online.

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  3. The external appearance is only, a facade of, who we are, and yet, at first sight, nobody ever looks, deeper, that’s why, we get, attracted to, the wrong people, get our hearts, broken, and, maybe, but not always, we will, finally, learn, that what’s important is, what’s on the, inside…

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    1. Yeah that’s very true. I think we live in an age where appearances are all that matter, and relationships are superficial. Most people don’t want deep, emotional connections.


  4. Too many people are simply blind to what is right in front of them.

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    1. Very true. Everyone seems to want someone who’s only going to hurt them. It’s tragic.

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      1. Some of us just want someone who can ‘see’ them. :/
        Maybe others don’t think they deserve anyone better?

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      2. Yeah that’s the sad reality. I think the wisest thing to do is to move on and keep your distance if someone doesn’t show interest when you’re interested. Otherwise you become a punching bag. I wrote this poem because I’ve seen men so stuck in the friend zone that they’re unwilling to look away and realise that there is always someone who is willing to love you for who you are. You just have to find them.

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  5. Ironically the girl who you write about probably feels very similar about the bad boy she’s swooning over– wishing he’d see that she’s worth more than chasing after some new thing who doesn’t even want anything to do with him– but he’ll never see it that way. And he’ll turn her into a “friend” who he can occasionally use for sex, if she lets him. It’s like everyone is in love with someone else who won’t turn around and love them back, but is willing to use them for their time and emotional support, anyway. It’s rough.

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    1. This post is fiction. I was trying to satirise the lengths some simps go through. But what you’re saying is right. I never looked at it that way. It’s rough like you put it. And it’s also terrible the way people use other people. The bad boy needs to reconsider the way he looks at things. I guess anyone who cares a little ends up in the friendzone these days. Maybe it’s better to stay single and enjoy one’s life. Thank you for the insightful comment Sylvia.

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  6. Sparks won’t form cuz their dead. Narcissism is a plague


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