The sequel

This is a sequel to a post I once wrote whose name and content I don’t remember. So, like everything in life, I build this sequel on nothing, a void that’s unfathomable and unimaginable. What are memories but distorted remembrances, deceiving us by giving us a hodgepodge of emotion, words uttered, and images, and telling us it’s the truth? It’s our truth, but it’s also a lie, since it is purely subjective. And if your recollection is a lie, then it’s nothing. I build this sequel on nothing and it will become nothing. It has power right now, but as soon as you finish reading it, it’ll leave you bewildered and wondering if I’m on crack, thus making you interpret it, add to what’s there, rob it of its meaning, and convert it into nothing. This sequel may or may not end up being better than the original post which spoke of God knows what, and elicited whatever it did from the reader. Perhaps you left a comment. A blunt, stoic one saying, good write, or a somewhat abstruse one laced with golden hues of flattery, like your words betray an unparalleled acumen that probes its way through the realms and almost touches the Absolute. I say almost because what we have here are replicas of the brilliant, otherworldly originals, cocooned in the scintillating glow of the Absolute. But none of that matters now, because your comments dissolved into nothing the moment I perceived them, explored their dimensions and judged them. You have also forgotten the exact wording of your comments or your mood when you wrote them, and one big vacuum swallows everything. I shall end this sequel with the mention of a pre-sequel or a prequel/sequel, a post that preceded the not-post-post but also followed it. I wrote that before this (or was it after?), but it’s deleted and whatever was said lost. And whatever is said here will soon disappear in the minds of the few who made it this far.

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9 responses to “The sequel”

  1. Wow, this definitely is one of my favorites from you! You stir things in people and that’s brilliant! I hope you’re well today ❤

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️. I didn’t know how people would perceive this one because it’s a little experimental and crazy lol. But I’m glad you liked it. I’m better today. I slept off in the afternoon yesterday. Couldn’t stay awake the whole day lol. I hope you had a great day.

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      1. It definitely is crazy, but in a unique and interesting way. I was going to ask you if you stayed up all day. I’m glad your better today though. And, you’re very welcome ❤️

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  2. your words betray an unparalleled acumen that probes its way through the realms and almost touches the Absolute.

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    1. I’m incredibly touched by your comment, even if it’s a replica of the brilliant, otherworldly original cocooned in the scintillating glow of the Absolute.

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  3. Isn’t everything built on nothing, and returns to nothing? Makes me think of the ritual on Ash Wednesday and the words, “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. Our words came from nothing, flare for a moment in time like a shooting star, then fade into nothing again. Some would say we need not bother with them at all…but I say lets live for that flare 🙂 💞💞💞

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    1. That’s such a beautiful comment Dawn ❤️. Humanity is definitely limited by mortality and finitude, but while we’re here, we should leave something behind even if it turns to dust. Like your analogy of the shooting star, other artists have created art based on the ephemerality of things which makes your comment all the more meta. Here’s an example

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      1. Thank you, Nitin! Your posts frequently make me think…I’m glad you don’t mind me putting in my two cents, lol. I LOVE that poem 💞💞💞

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