Shall I compare you to a winter’s night?

Shall I compare you to a winter’s night?  

You are so prudish and troublingly cold. 

Your fiery scorn asphyxiates the light 

And damn, I can’t take it! I’m getting old! 

The blazing depths of hell gaze up at me,  

And my complexion is dulled and dimmed. 

Please stop! Leave me alone! Just let me be! 

And let nature’s course run untrimmed.  

Man! Your bleak winter never seems to fade,  

Or lose possession of the being you are,  

And death loses his fire in your shade;  

You’ve made my life unhealthy and bizarre.  

There should be a volta or turn here, I know,  

So, I’ll end by saying I’m on low-grade blow.  

Photo by Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

17 responses to “Shall I compare you to a winter’s night?”

  1. The cold of winter, surely, sucks the living daylight out of people all right.

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    1. Definitely. What can one do though? Some people are just super cold.


  2. 🙄 N…. c’mon. 😄

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    1. I couldn’t resist 😂

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  3. Splendid sonnet, and the volta works!

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    1. Thank you Tanmay. I did mess up the meter here and there though. It’s in some irregular meter, though some lines are iambic. I’m glad the Volta works lol

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  4. Shall I compare this to a Shakespearean sonnet?
    It streaked through the sky like a comet.

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    1. Thank you Bruce. I’ve noticed that you’ve used feminine rhymes. My sonnet is full of them. Whether it’s because of laziness or if that was the intention, I won’t say.

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      1. Oh dear – and here I was trying to be gender-less, sex-less, and use-less.

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    2. Feminine endings I mean. Feminine rhymes are two syllabled rhymes. I wonder what post-gender-non-binary rhymes are?

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      1. Aha – I’s answered your previous comment before reading this comment. Good masculine comments are words like buck, luck, muck, etc.

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    1. I’m glad it made you laugh V 😂

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      1. It did and I needed it. Thanks!
        Very clever 😊

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