From the heart of the friendzone, the sequel

From TopGolf to skydiving to eating reindeer and an exquisite soufflé in Noma to letting me sleep in the Queen’s suite at the Ritz while you took an ordinary room, Mark, you’ve made me realise I must settle for nothing less than greatness in a man. Thank you so much for this friend-date/ friend-vacation/ friend-world tour. I enjoyed French culture, Spanish weather, and New Zealand’s beauty. I don’t know if I can ever repay you, but I know that when I see someone, I’ll take you along on a few of our dates, and treat you like a prince. You’re a beautiful, precious soul who offers so much, expecting nothing in return. You’ve set a huge standard, Mark. One I hope my next boyfriend can match. Here’s hoping there’s mountain climbing, trekking, dinner at Eleven Madison Park (I’ve heard their new vegan menu is terrific), helicopter rides, African safaris, Australian walkabouts and business class air travel when we go on friend-dates/friend-vacations/friend-world tours again. #Stillsinglebuthappy

Inspired by a real FB status

4 responses to “From the heart of the friendzone, the sequel”

    1. I don’t remember what it said exactly, but it’s become a meme with a picture of the girl who wrote it standing next to the poor guy, outside a barn. Someone took a screenshot of the status with the likes and stuff. I do remember that it was very close to what I’ve written. He did take her golfing and horseback riding and in her words ‘set the standard really high via this friend-date’. She ended it with a #stillsinglethough too. A lot of people laughed and wrote silly comments, but I felt bad for the guy lol.

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      1. Oh my gosh…so do I!
        I can’t believe it was real. Wow.

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      2. Yeah 😂 I read it, and looked at him grinning next to her and wondered why lol. My heart sank a little.


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