Daily Prompt

What do you complain about the most?

A stalker (possibly from Canada) who uses a VPN to mask his location, and views my posts at least 70 times a day. I’m no longer bothered, though. More stats = A chance for me to introduce paid advertising here, and hope the idiot clicks on it.

8 responses to “Daily Prompt”

  1. Still dealing with this???

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    1. Yeah. It could be a bot though. I don’t know. Someone has been going through all my old posts and increasing my stats by huge margins each day. It used to be some weirdo from Canada who left the nastiest comments. But now I screen them. There should be a way of making money out of these stalkers/bots lol

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      1. That would be awesome to find a way! Make them pay for the irritation!

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      2. True lol. Nothing like earning from disturbed privacy!

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      3. Hey…if we’re going to be messed with anyway, might as well get paid for the inconvenience!

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  2. Thanks for helping me understand why I have so many views and so few followers. It could be a human or a machine ‘stalker’ interested in what we’re writing or a way to encourage more writing to feed the site or AI Data. I once wrote a poem called Robot Food. 😁

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    1. You’re welcome. It probably is a machine stalker who might be sending everything we write to a massive AI somewhere, so that we get tailor made ads the next time we’re on FB or Google searches that omit what we don’t like. Robot Food sounds super cool. We’re all robot food (figuratively speaking) now, but might become robot food literally in a few years 😅 Thank you for the nice comment 😊

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  3. What a pain 😂😂


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