Today, tomorrow, forever

I don’t think anybody leaves

this life in a state of blissful

contentment, having achieved

everything they set out to do.

There’s always the question

of the books you didn’t read,

the people you let slip away,

the pain you unnecessarily let in

and the happiness you recklessly

forsook. Maybe it’s different

if you’re a Christian. Then this life

is only a foretaste of what’s coming —

a brighter, brilliant, beautiful

New Jerusalem paradise where

there’s no trace of sin, and sorrow

is yesterday’s whisper. But if you’re

like everyone else, getting by

and trying your best to futilely

ground yourself in reality

while the golden echoes of fantastical

reverie call out your name,

asking you to walk away from

the laptop and the grind,

the horrible 9 to 5 that leaves you

burnt out, and immerse yourself in

faux thrilling escapism, be it a sci-fi series

or a bottle of wine while some

90s Grunge plays in the background,

you know your life’s story will

always be an unfinished sonata,

the curtain call an illusion,

sweet retirement a myth you

chant like a monk a mantra,

the swansong never happening,

the quotidian rhythms of a mundane

existence your forever dance.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

6 responses to “Today, tomorrow, forever”

  1. beautifully expressed —

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  2. This had a simple style that was easy to read and filled with feeling. It felt like a friendly chat… very close and intimate.

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    1. Thanks Tanmay. I think this was one of the few poems I penned as soon as inspiration struck. I didn’t think it out. I’m glad it felt close and intimate.

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  3. This is fantastic. Every line I was like “yup, I wonder about that too” – it posed all the hard-hitting questions without getting pendantic. This would be a great piece read aloud.

    Apologies for delayed responses – I took a WP break of sorts and am catching up on reading posts

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    1. No need to apologise for the delayed response JYP. I struggle to catch up with posts myself, and take breaks all the time. And thank you so much for your kind comment. I might just read it aloud and record. But I dunno if I’ll post lol.


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