Pinky’s Burger House (Part 1.5)

Part 1

I’ve well documented my struggles with faith. I’d prefer not to dwell on it now though and instead give you part 2 of Pinky’s Burger House. Yes, all my posts are back. You can view them leisurely and lament my madness and yada yada.

But before we launch into part 2 of Pinky’s Burger House, fleshing out the details of that bizarre true story/fictional tale that changed my perspective on many things, my sponsor, Artie’s content transfer, wants to have a word. After all, they foot my bills and make sure I eat cheeseburgers, bacon and veiny sausages when I want to. So it’s only fair.

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Now back to the story…

Photo by Sergey Nikolaev on Unsplash

2 responses to “Pinky’s Burger House (Part 1.5)”

  1. 🤔 There’s something a little too tongue-in-cheek about Artie…

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    1. Of course not! We at Artie’s content transfer strive towards authenticity at all times. Sign up now and have comments like this written by our AI whose name is – you guessed it! Artie!

      We also have a no complaining policy. Send in your details and get our services. That’s it.

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