• Relief

    In college, I asked you out when I was drunk, the spirits combining with my feeble spirit and engendering a lewd boldness, I never wanted you, but I wanted to possess you. You said yes, but we closed that chapter the next day, never spoke of it again, years later, distressed by prescription but desperate… Continue reading

  • A song of experience

    A lament rises from these dry bones,encased in a coffin of a wasted life,when I was young, my father,the demon, said, “I am thineand thou art mine,”with a devilish, deceitful grin,when I was young, my mother,the angel, said, “Stay strong andsurely, you’ll succeed,”with a sincere, simple smile,when I was young, my brother,the stoic, said, “Yourfeelings… Continue reading

  • Evening song

    Remember when we lived in that cottage on a hill with its red steps, off-white porch and beige door? The crisp breeze wafted into the rooms and chilled us to the bone, but beauty and innocence still prevailed. We were two inconspicuous people, and maybe we were even humble. We had each other, and that… Continue reading

  • Find me again

    There’s no point obsessing overwhat’s done, visiting thosehaunted corridors where theghosts of yesterday projectspectral visions into the vastspaces of the mind,what was and who we weredoesn’t matter anymore,those people are gone,replaced by a coupleholding on to the meagre hopethat’s left once illusion fades,taking with it daydreams ofhalcyon days and purple sunsets,of hand-holding and walkingthrough the… Continue reading

  • Starry-eyed Lothario

    A smoky room with blue lighting,a brunette with bobbed hairand a sleeve tattoosinging in contralto,a drummer with a light touchtapping the hi-hat and snare,Led Zeppelin posters and flamingmartinis like cocktails from hell,the saxophonist takes over andlets the jazz slowly envelop thebar like mist covering pines –waves and waves of thePaul Desmondesque altosilhouetting the patrons againsta… Continue reading

  • Between the shadow and light: A villanelle

    Sometimes hope doesn’t find its way to the darkest placeswhere amidst the ash and grain, we try to rebuildof love and ardour, there aren’t any traces I hate that we’ve become this couple with many faces,so obstinate and irritatingly self-willedsometimes hope doesn’t find its way to the darkest places To unconcerned providence, I plead my… Continue reading

  • Holding on

    A few years ago, I woke up,believing that God had chosenme as a prophet, to purge theworld of iniquity using fire and blood,listening to the voices in my head,a piercing crescendo, hitting afever pitch, I felt myself leavingmy body, I don’t remember muchafter that, except walking onpotholed streets,being chased by mongrels,their teeth like frightening, white,little… Continue reading

  • Threnody

    Dear Maria, I saw you standing outside Green Theory yesterday. You were on your phone, and though a part of me wanted to cross the street and say, “Hi,” I refrained. I walked away, nervousness encircling the pit of my stomach, hoping you wouldn’t see me. If you did, would you have stepped up to… Continue reading

  • If I told you

    If I told you that I love you more today than I did yesterday, would you believe me? ardour loses its sheen, but muted passion murmurs until andante becomes allegro again and bloodshot eyes sparkle once more, if I told you that kissing you today tastes sweeter than it did yesterday, would you believe me?… Continue reading

  • We

    I don’t know whenwe fell out of love.Did it gradually happenlike a candle melting,or did it suddenly occurlike a glass plateslipping from a waiter’s fingersand shattering into pieces?I remember when we walkedunder crisp Autumn’s canopy,driven by a raw lust for life.Maybe it’s that veryidealism that killed us.Maybe we woke up one nightand realised that though… Continue reading

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